He rewards good and punishes evil. In some Jewish circles, there is the tradition of baking a special type of challah for the first Shabbat after Passover. In these households, the symbol baked into bread was a key. A voice! If they are wrapped and then placed in one container, Challah is taken, however, a bracha is not recited. What Is Challah?. The Observance of Shabbos is thus the flag of the Jewish people – the idea and notion that represents all this. This, according to the Apter Rav is the reason for Schlissel Challah – baking a key inside the Shabbos Challah. Home › Forums › Bais Medrash › Minhagim › Schlissel Challah This topic has 100 replies, 29 voices, and was last updated 5 years, 7 months ago by Joseph. Until recently I had no source for you other than a mimetic one: My mother (who is of Galician extraction) bakes the Challah on top of the house key. For a variety of challah recipes, ranging from Honey Whole Wheat to Double Chocolate Chip to Gluten-Free, go to The Nosher, MyJewishLearning’s lively food blog.Or click here for a traditional challah recipe.. Baking bread satisfies in many ways. On the second night of Passover, Jews begin counting the omer, which lasts 49 days and culminates with the holiday of Shavuot on the 50th day. Click here and here for more information on the history of Shlissel Challah (two great sites with tons of wonderful history and I couldn’t decide which one to share with you, so you get both). Similarly, if a woman baked and placed in plastic bags 2 lbs. Separate a small piece of dough, approximately one ounce, and say: "This is challah." Correct amount of flour: Ensure that the correct amount of flour is used so that challah can be taken with a bracha. in Judaic Studies. Separate challah without a blessing: When using flour weighing between 1,230 and 1,666.6 grams ( between 2 lbs. Why do we put it in the Challah dough?”. In other theologies they may be two separate concepts. Bake in preheated 350 degree F. (175 degrees C.) oven for approximately 20 minutes, or until challahs are golden brown and sound hollow when tapped. Needless to say, this is not exactly consistent with the rationalist approach to Judaism. Dates, Traditions, Story, Fasting, Festivities and Food Customs of the Jewish Holiday Purim, Learn About Tu B'Shevat "New Year for the Trees", M.A., Judaic Studies, University of Connecticut, B.J., Journalism and News Editorial, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. But it is more than this too. The Belzer Rebbe (Choshvei Machshavos p. 152) provided the explanation that although the Geulah may not have happened yet as it was scheduled to occur on Nissan, at least the key to Hashem’s storehouse of parnassah and plenty have been opened. The talmud says "the one who answers amen to a bracha, receives more merit than the one who makes the bracha", this may be how this custom began. Chazal darshen this pasuk in Yalkut Shimoni (Shir HaShirim 988), “You have become My sister with the observance of the two Mitzvos in Mitzrayim the blood of the Korban Pesach and the blood of Bris Milah..Open for Me an opening like the eye of the needle and I (Hashem) shall open for you like the opening of a wide hall.”. I get brownie points (pun intended) for doing something as basic as baking! of flour. The verse (Shir HaShirim 5:2) states, “”I was asleep but my heart was awake. On the Shabbos after Passover, just when you think you may never want to see the inside of a kitchen again, there is a particular custom to bake schlissel challah. of rolls at three different times, and then stored them all (6 lbs.) Shabbos has always been viewed as the symbol or flag of the Jewish nation. The custom of Schlissel Challah has become very widespread, not only in the Chassidish world but in many other communities as well. 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At one time, keys were manufactured in the form of the cross in lands where Christianity was prominent. What is the key? The Apter Rav’s explanation highlights this remarkable flag of the Torah nation. This concept of opened gates is found throughout the Zohar and is discussed by such authorities as the Shla (whose father was a student of the Remah). In some Jewish circles, there is the tradition of baking a special type of challah for the first Shabbat after Passover. The Torah refers to challah as reishit-- "the first," related to the first word of Genesis, B'reishit-- "in the beginning." On Easter, Christians would bake a symbol of Jesus into their bread to symbolize Jesus "rising" from the dead. The procedure is as follows: One breaks off a small piece (approximately a K'zayis ), and recites the Bracha . in one freezer – Challah is taken without a bracha… Many keys contain lead so it is usually best to wrap the key in foil as well. The Apter Rav also mentions other reasons for the Minhag -primarily that Hashem should open His “store house of plenty” for us as he did in Iyar after the exodus. Rav Avraham Yehoshua Heshel of Apt zt”l, known as the Apter Rebbe or Apter Rav (1748-1825) is the author of the Ohaiv Yisroel. Shlissel or Key Challah, makes the first challah after Pesach even more special. On the Shabbos following Pesach, there is a custom of some to bake "Shlissel Challah" - challah with the design of a key, or challah with a real key actually baked into it. Then seprate a portion of about a k'zayit (a shot glass amount). Most of the reasons have to do with the Kabbalistic notion of “Tirayin Petichin” that the gates to Heaven are opened. Separate challah with a blessing: When using at least 1,666.6 grams (3 lbs. One reason for this stems from events that occurred in the days after Yehoshua (Joshua) took over the leadership of the nation of Israel. In fact, some cite the origins of this tradition as being a pagan practice. How to shape a challah like a key for Shlissel Challah Shabbos from thekosherchannel.com There have been people that have questioned the origins of this beautiful minhag. On dough! The first portion of your kneading, you shall separate as a dough offering (challah)...In all your generations, give the first of your kneading as an elevated gift to G‑d (Numbers 15:20-21). (If burning it inside the oven, there should be no other food baking in the oven at the same time.) In this instance, the person who gets the piece with the figurine wins a special prize.Â, O'Brien, Flann. However, these conjectures are filled with serious scholarly errors. To quote the Sefer HaTodah by R’Eliyahu Kitov: “The Shabbat after Pesach when we announce the coming of Iyar some…have the custom to make challah in the form of … KJ School District fire suspicious; School Building is to remain closed. The Jewish understanding of G-d and His unique Oneness is that ethics and monotheism are intrinsically interwoven with each other. There is a teaching in Judaism where this fear is compared to a key, so Jews bake a key into their challah after Passover to show that they want this fear (which is a good thing) to stay with them even after the holiday ends.Â, ​Rabbah bar Rav Huna said: Any person that has Torah but doesn’t have Yiras Shomayim (fear of heaven) is comparable to a treasurer who has the keys to the inner parts (of the treasure house) but the keys to the outer area was not handed to him. The custom some women (or men) have of baking the house key into the challah on the Shabbat following Pesach (also known as a shlissel [=key] challah) is explained with the following reasons: Based on “ Pitchi Li Achoti, Ra’ayati…. Challah is called "the first" because it … Made either in the shape of a key or with a key baked inside, the special bread is known as shlissel challah , with shlissel being the Yiddish word for "key." The key alludes to the fact that these gates are now open and that we should focus our prayers ever more on that account. 10.8 oz.). Bake for 25-30 minutes at the bottom of … One Irish source tells the story of men in communities under attack saying, "Let our women-folk be instructed in the art of baking cakes containing keys."Â. 1 egg. Why Schlissel Challah? Alternatively, the manna began to fall in the month of Iyyar, and this Shabbat is always Shabbat Mevarchim Iyyar. My husband remembers the Alte Kapishnitzer Rebbe, Reb Avrohom Yehoshua Heschel, niftar in 1968, telling every single person on Motzaei Pesach to remind “the shteeb” to make shlissel Challah. Do not separate challah: When … A belief in the Oneness of G-d perforce also includes the notion that He defines what goodness is. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. There are also other reasons to this custom in Klal Yisroel. Perhaps the prayer of Lecha Dodi recited every Friday evening captures it best: Ki hi m’keor habracha – Shabbos is the source of all blessing. Separate challah with a bracha, roll, and braid (see illustration, p. 122). My Challah Recipe. Brush egg wash generously over the challah and sprinkle with different seeds on top of the challah in a pretty design. Chaviva Gordon-Bennett holds an M.A. Ingredients. By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Five Towns Jewish Times, “Yes, Mommy, but what does the key mean? The Sefer Ohev Yisroel writes there is a custom, the first Shabbos after Pesach, to pierce the Shabbos challah, the loaves, with a key. There is a beautiful custom, taught to me by my beloved Rabbi Menachem and Rebbetzin Bracha Goldberger, to put a key into the first challah after Pesach. 4 1/2 cups of lukewarm water (baby's bath temperature) 2 flat tablespoons of instant yeast. Baking Time: Please make sure to bake on Thursday after sh’kia or on Friday, July 31 /10th of AV, 2020/5780, Erev Shabbos Nachamu. TIPS FOR MAKING SHLISSEL KEY CHALLAH. In his work called Imrei Pinchas (#298) he explains that the reason to bake Schlissel Challah on the Shabbos following Pesach is that during Pesach, the gates to Heaven were opened and remain open until Pesach Sheni. 27. On Passover, the matzah that Jews eat is meant to instill this fear of heaven. Made either in the shape of a key or with a key baked inside, the special bread is known as shlissel challah, with shlissel being the Yiddish word for "key. "The Best of Myles". In order to open them, Jews place a key in the challah.Â, There is a concept in Judaism of yirat Shayamim or fear of heaven. Hoping for a double blessing, I combine both traditions: adding traditional bsisa ingredients (raisins, almonds, spices and sprinkles) to shlissel challah—even if it seems overly superstitious. The mitzvah of separating challah is a spiritual remedy that opens up channels of brocha. It brings home the fact that it is the merit of Shabbos observance, and honoring it, that will re-open the gates of Shamayaim and bring us bracha – in … An integral aspect of Torah theology is that this omnipotent entity is the source of all good. Altruism, goodness, and ethical behavior are not the results of evolutionary biology – no, they are part and parcel of the Creator Himself. I get to make a bracha! Indeed, this is the raison d’être of Creation itself – so that Hashem – G-d can reward those who do good and follow His will . Normal, IL; Dalkey Archive Press, 1968. 2/3 cup of oil. This Shabbos, following Pesach, has an added emphasis for a blessed livelihood, as explained in an article by Rabbi Ari Enkin: There is a widespread custom to prepare a “shlissel challa” –“key challah” — on the Shabbat following Pesach. Reposted from last year, at a friend's request. © Copyright 2020 Vos Iz Neias | All Rights Reserved. It is alleged to be a segulah for parnassah (sustenance). We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. She has written about Judaism for outlets such as Huffington Post and MazelTogether.org. Why? In its more widely-known usage, the Hebrew word challah refers to the two loaves of bread that form the core of the Shabbat meal. Brush with egg wash (using 1 whole egg slightly beaten) and sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds if desired. Here's how I know that the Almighty has a sense of humor. How can he get to the inner parts (if he can’t first get into the outer parts)? The tradition of baking an object into bread are also found during the holiday of Mardi Gras in which a small baby "Jesus" is baked into what is known as a King Cake. He answers that the key is through the merit of Shabbos observance. ~Slip the key in between the braids of the challah as you shape it. Some challah bakers hide a real key inside a traditional plaited challah but others actually bake their Shlissel Challah in the shape of a key. How do we re-open the gates of Shmayaim so that our prayers can once again receive entry? This custom is known as shlissel challah—shlissel from the German language shlüssel (key) and challah or hallah from the Hebrew for bread. Anyone who has ever truly experienced Shabbos, knows the following truth: Shabbos is very special. If, in the path of life, we successfully attempt to emulate G-d – then we will be rewarded. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. During Passover, it is said that all of the upper gates of heaven are open and that after it ends, they are closed. The key in the challah after Pesach is a request the God should open the Sha'arei Parnasah (gates of livelihood). [4] 14 cups of flour (approxmiately. As far as the sources for Schlissel Challah, Alfassa writes as follows: “While the custom is said to be mentioned in the writings of Avraham Yehoshua Heshel (the “Apter Rav” 1748-1825) and in the Ta’amei ha-Minhagim (1891), there is no one clear source for shlissel challah. No. It brings home the fact that it is the merit of Shabbos observance, and honoring it, that will re-open the gates of Shamayaim and bring us bracha – in all areas. Parnassah, Torah, Nachas and all matters.