plant height. This mildew resistant spinach grows outdoors, resisting winter in mild regions. light preference. This spinach has it all! Please note: all orders reaching us from 26.12.2020 will be shipped after 01.01.2021. harvest. Såning: I væksthus i september, udendørs fra marts – april og fra midt i juli – september. Let this variety satisfy all your spinach needs. Spinacia oleracea A very productive variety grows very large, semi-savoy and glossy dark green leaves with a rich flavour at any stage from baby leaf to full grown. Butterflay Spinach is an open pollinated, simi-savoyed that will produce large, glossy, dark green leaves with a rich flavor. Butterflay Spinach Certified Organic Seed Spinacia oleracea Huge tasty leaves resist bolting. The cultivation of this variety is preferably done in spring and autumn. description. Very fast growing and vigorous as compared to other spinach varieties. hardiness zones. Slow to bolt. Grows best in … In our online-Shop you can order organic seeds from Spinach. 50 days. Like Butterflay, all varieties from the Bingenheimer Saatgut AG are open-pollinated and multiplicated according Demeter or the EU-organic standards. £1.60; Pack size Pack size: 800 seeds 100g 500g 1kg 2.5kg -+ Add to cart. plant spacing. ABOUT YOUR NEW ORGANIC SPINACH SEEDS The Seedz Butterflay Spinach is a productive, semi-savoyed variety with large, glossy, dark green leaves and delicious, rich flavor. Vigorous plants are quick-growing and slow to bolt, making it a great choice for both home gardeners and market growers. Billedkilde: Biodiversity Library Spinat / Spinach Spinacia oleracea Butterflay Dyrk Egnet for dyrkning i forår og efterår – også for overvintring. Rich green leaf colour. 40 days to maturity. Butterflay has good vigor and emergence, as well as unmatched intense green color. Spinach – Butterflay $ 3.50. Spring/fall/winter crop Slow to bolt Direct s 45. sowing. Spinacia oleracea. Good for summer production. Frodig grøn. Productive variety sporting very large, glossy dark green leaves with rich flavor. Living Seeds Sementes Vivas SA. Its large leaves are beautifully dark and glossy and grow well in early spring. Home / Vegetable Seeds / Spinach / Spinach – Butterflay. Very large, dark green, semi-savoyed leaves with excellent texture and mild flavour. Very robust plant with dark green leaves. This plant is vigorous, fast-growing, and cold hardy, making it an ideal year-round crop. Spinach 'Butterflay' €1.41. Expect good, consistent germination. Spinach Spinacia oleracea Butterflay Grow For spring and autumn cultivation; also for over wintering. 3213 - Butterflay spinach. days to harvest. Fast growing and slower bolting than most varieties. It has very robust, large, rich-flavoured, dark-green leaves and is a quick growing and late-bolting variety. It's extra hardy and nutritious, grows quickly, and resists bolting. Meget robust, modstandsdygtig mod skimmel. Very robust, mildew resistant and late to shoot. soil requirements. Butterflay is an excellent spinach for growing as a winter crop due to its cold-hardiness. Slow to bolt; ideal for challenging transition season slots. For spring, autumn and winter cultivation. SPINACH; Butterflay. 3104-CO Spinacia oleracea. butterflay spinach seeds.

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